About Simac


Simac IDS

Simac IDS started as a separate business line "ID Solutions" within Simac QuadCore bv, automating operational processes in which people and customer experience are centralised. The business line was established within Simac QuadCore in 2005, but finds its origin in 1998 when the predecessor of the current product suite was released. In 2005 it resulted in the first fully IP based card reader and the launch of the current product suite Presto, the attendance and engagement monitoring platform. Soon to be followed by the second product suite Pronto, the access control platform.

Customer experience

Both product suites where designed to automate processes and provide great customer experience by identifying people. Presto is developed to assist staff to pro-actively support students and improve their experience and wellbeing. Pronto is developed to prevent queueing and people from registering over and over again, providing a smoother customer journey and access process.
Both product suites have been and are fully web based since 2005 and suitable and implemented as a cloud solution since then.

Own identity

After years of steady growth and innovations within the Simac QuadCore organisation it was necessary to give the business line "ID solutions" an identity of its own. Starting with the establishment of its UK company on January the first in 2018. Simac IDS ltd. was established to support the growing number of customers of Simac in the UK. The final step was taken on January the first 2019 when Simac IDS bv was established. Simac IDS is the specialisation of the activities of the former business line "ID Solutions", providing the opportunity to better identify us with our customers and their processes. 

Today Simac IDS, a 100% subsidiary of Simac Techniek, has its headquarters in Veldhoven and offices in Ede in the Netherlands, and the greater Manchester area in the UK.

Simac Techniek

Simac was founded in the Netherlands in 1971 by M.J. van Schagen. Since then, his one-man business has grown into a large, privately owned company. Approximately 1300 employees work in offices throughout The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.

Mr. M.J. van Schagen founded Simac on October the first in 1971. After a career at Philips, he took the step to start for himself at the age of forty-four. From a bedroom in his rented house in Veldhoven he starts as exclusive representative for Europe of the American Singer Instrumentation. The name Simac originated from the merging of two names; SInger and MAC, the first name of Van Schagen. To clarify where Simac was to be placed on the market, Van Schagen added "Electronics" to the name soon after it was founded.

Old school building

It soon turns out that the bedroom does not offer an ideal working environment. That is why Van Schagen sets his mind on an old primary school in Steensel. A ruin. But with a lot of effort everything is being refurbished and furnished with second-hand furniture.


The support of the organization was quickly broadened by attracting several exclusive representations. Simac Electronics specializes in providing professional test and measurement equipment within the industrial electronics market. In addition to the sale of these products, technical service and support was also provided.

New construction

Simac is growing well, so that the old school building soon no longer suffices. Van Schagen is setting up a new building of 850 square meters in the Veenstraat in Veldhoven. Simac moved into this building in September 1976.

Automation market

From the beginning, the company followed the developments in the market. This required rapid adjustments to ever-changing market conditions. From the analogue to the digital age and from supplier of high-quality test and measurement equipment to system integrator in the automation market.

In 1986 the introduction took place on the parallel market of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. In that year Simac also moves to its current head office at De Run 1101 in Veldhoven. Moreover, in 1986 the definitive basis was laid for the current organizational structure. In the late 1980s, technical developments accelerated and partly as a result of the acquisition policy, Simac changed from supplier of test and measurement equipment to supplier of complex computer networks.

On 1 January 1989 Eric van Schagen, the son of Mac van Schagen, became co-director of Simac Techniek. On November 1, 1991, at the twentieth anniversary of Simac, Mac van Schagen resigned as director. Simac switched from the parallel market to the Official Exchange on 30 September 1994.

On 9 December 2010 the founder of Simac, Mr M.J., died in his hometown Veldhoven. (Mac) from Schagen. He was 84 years old. A big man with a big heart has left us. Striking, charming and always involved with his people, he was the founder of the culture that is so decisive for Simac. We owe him a lot of thanks for his inspiration and support for almost forty years.

On 10 March 2014, the stock exchange listing ended and Simac was again a family business. The Van Schagen family (through their investment company Simal Beheer) decided to take this step again in order to be able to fully focus on customers and staff.