About Simac

Simac IDS is part of Simac Techniek and a leading international vendor of student wellbeing and access experience solutions, enabling you to support your students, customers and clients.

Simac IDS was established to automate operational processes in which humans and customer experience are centralised. Our solutions are designed to support your processes, enabling you to keep focus on your primary tasks. Today we have offices in Veldhoven, Ede (the Netherlands) and Greater Manchester area (UK), delivering solutions to renowned institutions and companies in the Netherlands, UK, Belgium, France and Germany.

Our team of experts solves the challenges our customers face by teaming up with our customers, using state of the art technology. Ensuring continuity and long-term customer benefit. Customer experience and wellbeing, humans & technology and reliability are at the heart of every solution that we develop and deploy.

Our solutions are divided in two product suites. Presto, specifically designed for education, provides high-quality, accurate and real-time attendance and engagement information. The workflow management module provides the analyses to pro-actively support students and staff creating better experience and improving student wellbeing.

Integrating with all the renowned Student Information Systems and Timetabling systems.

Pronto is designed as a high-quality, reliable and secure access control solution. Facilitating entrance not just to your building, campus or park but to every facility you can offer to your students, customers, clients and staff. Fully paperless and digitalised. Creating and supporting your unique and smooth access experience.
Integrating with booking, reservation, payment and other third-party solutions that work with an identifier.

Our software and hardware are developed and produced in the Netherlands, ensuring us to deliver and meet-up to the high-quality levels necessary to support your process. Enabling you to have the solution tailored to your processes. Solutions should not determine the way your processes work, your processes should determine the way the solutions work.

25 dedicated and driven employees
Strong parterships with A-brands
High-quality technology
Always customer-focused
Personal attention for every individual