With PrestoFlow, you can automate many of your processes, accurately surface and identify students at risk and ensure that you track your engagements to successful conclusions. In tandem with your operational activities, accurate data is vital to ensure that your operation stays on track and Presto’s flexible data sharing can help to ensure you always get the full picture, wherever you wish to present it.

We have a great deal of expertise and experience integrating with key business systems in education. Your Student Management Solution, LMS, Library and Timetabling solutions for example can all provide valuable information for effective learner analysis and engagement. In turn Simac solutions can share and surface data to your key operational business systems, data warehouses, BI tools, portals and applications.

Choosing Simac does not necessarily mean that you must change the delivery methods that your staff and students are used to. If you wish to keep a single portal or mobile application,

To facilitate the efficient and accurate sharing of data between systems, we support a range of industry standard data sharing and communication protocols. These include CSV, XML, DDI (Direct database interface), SOAP and a REST JSON API.




GP Untis

Student Management



Caci Osiris

Timetable Publication

Eveoh MyTimetable

Curriculum Management


You choose what data you require and we can help you to get it to where you need it.