06 April 2023

Presto Student: the platform that helps to improve retention rates

Presto Student allows users to monitor their attendance easily on their smartphone or other digital device. Students can register their attendance in a lecture, see their daily schedule and even directly report any absences. No additional administrative actions are needed to process this.

Students can also track their recorded attendance and scheduled events via one simple timeline. Curious to learn more about the benefits and all Presto Student has to offer you? This article will tell you all about Presto Student and why it is a great solution for your students.

Presto Student offers many opportunities to meet student needs around attendance and engagement. Students can, for example, manage their attendance and compare it with their peer groups across modules and their whole programme of study. Presto Student assists users in keeping track of their engagement, registering their attendance and provides an overview of the daily or weekly timetable. All these features combine to give students ownership of their attendance ad engagement data in a clear and easy to understand interface.

The functionality

Students perceive Presto Student as being very convenient and easy to use, especially since it is device agnostic, avoiding restrictions on operating systems or brands of device. This gives students access to the web application to check their data anytime and anywhere.

Presto Student rates highly with users in terms of user-friendliness. The application can be simply opened via a favicon on a smartphone or via a shortcut on a computer, no installation is required. The application is completely designed with the student in mind operating smoothly with a mobile-optimised design.

It takes just a few clicks to register for lectures, set up and register for unplanned activities with fellow students, get access to the timetable, and see an overview of engagement activity. Everything students need to know about their engagement is available in one place enabling them to focus on their education.

Our purpose

With an average of 6 in every 100 (6.7%) students dropping out of university in the UK and rising (source: Debut Careers), Presto Student’s goal is to help improve rates of retention and progression.

Whatever it is that makes a student think about dropping out, it is important to take the time to investigate the reasons why and the support options available before a student confirms their decision to leave.

With Presto Student, users keep a clear overview of their attendance and progress, which can help them to identify problems as soon as they arise, providing an early warning sign of deteriorations in attendance, engagement and/or achievement. Armed with this data, students can continue to study, adjusting their approach and seeking the right assistance from their university.

What are the long-term benefits? Presto Student will provide students clear insights into their engagement behaviour. The platform lets students engage with their fellow students and their university, helping to create a feeling of being more connected to their educational experience, improving retention rates and the positive experience of the student journey.

To conclude, Presto Student empowers students to focus on what really matters and to take ownership of their educational experience. Think about starting the journey to using engagement and attendance data to improve your retention and progression rates by implementing the Presto platform today and giving students the chance to own their own engagement story.

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