Assessments require a large amount of organisation and management, which often leads to manual resource and procedures. There are a number of variables that can affect assessments, exam papers, students attending the wrong exam, multiple exams schedules in one location etc. Simac have created a solution to ensure your assessments run smoothly, and compliantly.

No (exam) stress

Our exam registration module, Presto Exam, offers a fully automated assessment solution.
It provides live exam timetable information to invigilators, including location, exam type, exam start and end date. Invigilators can easily record exam attendance, script collection and incident reporting on multiple levels through an interactive exam register (including student photographs).
A solution designed for staff and invigilators to be operated from any device, from laptop to smartphone. With the option to work with cards and readers as well.

Good grades guaranteed

Using Presto Exam reduces the manual workload for your staff and invigilators by allowing automated and quick processing of student assessments. PrestoExam also reduces the amount of time and manual work required by your students, so they can focus on their assessments.
Reporting through PrestoExam enables you to improve your assessment planning for future academic years, by quantifying incident reports and space utilisation.

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Why PrestoExam?

Reduce administrative work
Improve assessment planning
Integrated script collection